Chuanpen International Packing Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan, and built CPIP brand for coffee packaging market. C.P.I.P continues to develop many coffee bean(powder) packaging bags and coffee peripheral products. We are professionally designed and manufactured coffee packaging.

    C.P.I.P has the experience of independently designing, manufacturing and producing high-quality fresh-keeping degassing valve bag, and applied for multi-country invention patents. It is currently the manufacturer of professional fresh-keeping degassing valve bag in Taiwan. Since 2014, C.P.I.P received an inquiry from customer and introduced the HP6800 digital printing machine to provide low-cost custom printing and automatic foundry packaging machine for drip coffee bag.
With the vigorous development of the coffee market, C.P.I.P. will move toward internationalization and establish branch offices in various countries and strive for the distribution rights of foreign brands.

    In the future, Taiwan C.P.I.P.will be as a global operating headquarter and establish a product marketing department and a research and development department to commit product development and marketing.
We are more active in establishing a resource integration system, with a complete supply service system from design, printing, bag making,OEM, ODM and coffee appliances to meet the diverse needs of our customers.



隨著咖啡市場領域蓬勃發展,川本將邁向國際化,並在各國設立分公司及爭取國外品牌經銷權。 在未來川本將以台灣為全球營運總部,成立產品行銷部門及研發部門,致力於產品的開發及行銷。